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Guangdong Zhenhua Electrical Appliance CO.,Ltd,the manufacturer of aquariums,aquarium accessories and pond accessories in China,was found in 1983.Now we are professional manufacturers. We are specializing in design,development and manufacture all sorts of curve aquariums,water pumps,garden pumps and difference of aquarium accessories.Over 30 years,we have earned professional technology,advanced equipment and modern management system,and now we are continuing to work in new products and technology to satisfy the customers’ requirement around the world.We are the powerful and impact enterprise in aquarium industry,our product are sold to more over 30 different countries. ..
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Multifunctional submersible pump [2015-10-16]
2013 Party branch activities and veterans .. [2015-10-16]
QR128 brand new upgrade [2015-10-16]
Important notice about the network fake [2015-10-16]
I Division once again won the 2012 annual .. [2015-10-16]
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Guangdong Zhenhua Electrical Appliance Co.,Ltd.
Add:No. 74 Jucheng Road east,Xiao Lan Zhongshan Guangdong 528415,China.
Domestic sales calls:0760-22109017
Domestic sales email:momoeva@163.com
Foreign sales phone:0760-22106591
Foreign sales email:grace@zhjebo.com
Online customer service hours:9:00 — 18:00
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